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    You want to learn to paraglide?
    We are THE choice!

    • 100% dedicated to teaching paragliding

    • Evolution and continuity GUARANTEED

    • The first European school in Mexico!

    Commitment and experience backed by testimonies from our students

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    The oldes men's dream WE make reality for you!

    Flying will make you cross fisical and mental limits; it is a concuest of your fears and entrance to the other dimension of life…

    Flying is such an extraodrinary
    emotion of liberty
    that after you learn to fly,
    you will be able to do
    whatever you want
    in your life.

    Learn to fly...

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    Fly paraglider
    SAFE and SMART

    European program of theoretical
    and practical training

    Absolute DISCIPLINE in all our processes

    Strict with the team and sucesufull with our students

    on freindship among pilots!

    Testimonies of our students
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    Paragliding adventures in Mexico

    Tired of winnter? Missing Sun? 
    Don't worry! We have a solution.

    Escape the winnter and come
    to fly in magical Valle de Bravo
    a place where you can fly every day!

    Courses of progression
    or just guided tours.

    Check our offers NOW!

Welcome future pilot to Paragliding School FLUMEN

levelsBeginners paragliding course in Valle de BravoNovice paragliding course P2 - learn to fly soloObligatory SIV courseThermaling course P3Cross Country course in MexicoP3 - ratingCompetition course for FAI comps / XCTandem course T1 - T2 -T3P4 - ratingInstructor's courseP5 rating - Master

Welcome future pilot to Paragliding School FLUMEN!

You've chosen the best paragliding school in Mexico!

FEMEDALOGOThe vast experience and dedication of our training team will guarantee unparalleled training program. European standards, combined with US/Mexican system, of our paragliding courses represent a before and after in the history of free flight in Mexico. The franc commitment to keep teaching you to fly until you learn it good. We do the long-term approach. In FLUMEN, we distinguish ourselves by monitoring the evolution of each of our students and convey our passion for flying.

We create an atmosphere of fellowship, under which we are all part of a flying community, FLUMEN community!

Beginners Paragliding Course P1


Beginner's Paragliding Course P1 - The beginning of your flying career. Here you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to fly.


PACKAGES: Combined courses

To be able to fly without supervision you need P2 level. We offer packages that include P1 and P2 so you go home as solo pilot.
Curso de parapente P2


Escape the cold winter and come to fly in Valle de Bravo. We will guide you and teach you how to fly safe and solo in thermals...

Thermaling Course

Contact Us

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: (55) 4164 9644
  • Cel: (04455) 1697 6912 whatzup
  • Sype: flumen.mexico

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